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How Living Smart Will Change Your Life ?!!

Posted by Access ME on

Did you ever stop to think how will your family's life be affected by the advance smart technology integrations the world is witnessing?!!...

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) firmly holding top priority position in the business development strategies of thousands of companies around the world, what does this mean to the billions of people living on planet earth?!!

While the ordinary household has never been too keen or interested in what leading business brands are planning for the future of their respective markets, now it is the time to take a step back and realize the importance of such business strategy decisions and how they will change our lives, rapidly, from this moment on.

From smart mobile devices, smart TVs and home entertainment systems, to smart kitchen appliances, smart wearables and transportation; this futuristic trend as we come to witness it today, will not only affect how we interact with our new intelligent environment but will even drastically change our day-to-day activities - to the best we hope.

While everything around us is turning smart, are we ready to adapt?, how much knowledge do we have interacting with these smart technologies?, what downfalls could these technologies bring into our homes?

From security breach threats caused by black-hat hackers to privacy intrusion by government agencies, consumer of smart technologies must be aware of all the risk involved in such transition and ways to deal with these risks.

Stay tuned to future blog posts to learn more on how you can educate yourself on best practices and most importantly how to deal with any future privacy or security breach threats.


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