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Finest Picks is a dedicated smart living online retailer and blog, focused on bringing customers cutting-edge innovative technologies, with aim at making the world a better, safer and healthier place.

With warehouses in the US, Middle East and Europe, we are able to bring clients a variety of smart home appliances, from revolutionary gadgets, vacuum, mopping and glass robot cleaners, and eco-friendly transportation solutions to smart security, kitchen, garden and home automation solutions. Finest Picks is your gate to learn more about modern technologies and shop safely at the convenience of your finger tips.

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Basics Guide to Smart Living and Home Automation

 BE SMART!! - Frustrated with wasting time on daily home routine tasks?! - This is an introduction to smart living and home automation, a guide to all that you need to learn, buy and automate... This post comes in response to the hundreds of questions coming from our offline/online community, wondering about the new hype of Home Automation, and the "Era of Smart Living". Throughout this post, we will shed more light on the 3 main basic things you need to know about how \to live smart - so let us dive right into it,   1. What does Home Automation mean and how does it work?! Home Automation or Smart Home (also known as domotics[2]) is building automation for the home. It involves the control and automation of lighting, heating, cleaning (such as smart Robot... Read More

How Living Smart Will Change Your Life ?!!

Did you ever stop to think how will your family's life be affected by the advance smart technology integrations the world is witnessing?!!... With Artificial Intelligence (AI) firmly holding top priority position in the business development strategies of thousands of companies around the world, what does this mean to the billions of people living on planet earth?!! While the ordinary household has never been too keen or interested in what leading business brands are planning for the future of their respective markets, now it is the time to take a step back and realize the importance of such business strategy decisions and how they will change our lives, rapidly, from this moment on. From smart mobile devices, smart TVs and... Read More